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RI's Chapter 2 group of Korean War Veterans invited the Korean American Association of Rhode Island (KAARI) community to their group luncheon on May 20th. Sadly, these Korean War Veteran heroes are in their 90's and had decided officially to end their group activities.


The farewell luncheon was held at Richard Pub Restaurant.  Six Chapter 2 Korean War veterans and nine KAARI members were there and celebrated their long-standing friendship and reminisced the happy memories of the years past. Chapter 2 Commander Bill Kennedy announced the dissolution of the group and indicated that according to the bylaws, the available fund in the Chaper 2's treasury will be donated to KAARI. In response, KAARI President Wonkyung Cho expressed gratitude and the donation will be managed by a separate account and be used to maintain the Exeter Korean War Memorial and other Korean War veteran-related causes.


Also, KAARI treasurer Suzanne Sharky played a slide show which she prepared for this occasion. It was a beautiful tribute and celebration of the long-standing KAARI-Chapter 2 friendship which includes photos and mementos dating back to 1998. KAARI also presented to the veterans a bag of all sorts of Korean snacks and goodies.




group pic.jpg

Top row from left: Mrs Kennedy, Suzanne Sharkey, Bongsup Cho, Gus Pagel, Ed Ruzanno, Wonkyung Cho,  Bill Kennedy,  Younhee Lee, Sangwook Ji, Joe Munier, Angela Sharkey, Cy Geary, Changyun Kim, Monica Lee, Gerry


Bottom row from left: Mr Ruzannos daughter, Henry DeGraide, Jhageun Chun, Ms. Pagel, Mrs DeGraide
















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