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This short video features several KAARI members describing the association's key activities and cultural events. KAARI was recently awarded a three-year arts grant from The Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program (RIEAP). The RIEAP grant helped create this excellent video. The gift has incredibly energized us to broaden the portfolio of KAARI's cultural activities beyond our comfort zone. For example, thanks to the grant, we offer gayageum and calligraphy classes and are planning to invite traditional musical/dance groups from Korea.

Our Mission
The Korean-American Association of Rhode Island (KAARI)'s primary mission is to promote friendship and welfare among members and educate Rhode Islanders about Korean history, arts, culture, and heritage. We also network and collaborate with other ethnic associations to facilitate the exchange of cultural resources and information.

Who we are

We are a non-profit 501c-3 organization founded in 1975 by a small group of Korean Immigrants. Our members consist of first and second-generation Korean Americans, including Korean adoptees, professionals, business owners, and international students.

What we do
We hold various KAARI activities and events to fulfill our mission. Examples include Memorial Day Commemoration, July 4 Bristol Independence Day Parade with the Korean War Veterans of Rhode Island, August 15 Korea Day/Independence Celebration, participation in the RI Heritage Festival, and Annual KAARI meeting/Year-end Party. There have been two recent notable achievements. In 2016, Governor Gina Raimondo resurrected the 1979 resolution declaring August 15 as 'Korea Day' in RI. This gubernatorial proclamation values KAARI's contribution to the rich diversity of RI, and a similar recommendation was adopted in 2017 and 2020. Most importantly, in 2017 we established the KAARI Culture Center in Cranston, a culmination of KAARI's long-standing desire to own its identity.
Korea Day Ceremony
KAARI Open House

Arts Grants!
Due to Korea's elevated economic and cultural stature globally, there's a tremendous public interest in learning Korean traditional arts, K-Pop, and K-dramas. We recently have been awarded a three-year $30,000 art grant (2019-2021) and a one-year $10,000 Intercultural Collaboration Seed Grant (ICSG, 2019) both from The Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program (RIEAP). The ICSG grant will be used as seed money to team up with the Latino theater group 'Teatro ECAS' for intercultural collaboration. These RIEAP funding will offer long-term and scaled planning of Korean cultural programs to all Rhode Islanders, including our KAARI members.
Grant from The Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program (RIEAP)
Intercultural Collaboration Seed Grant (ICSG) Received

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