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The Korean American Association of Rhode Island (KAARI) strongly condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine, causing unforgivable humanitarian suffering and directly challenging Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity.


The KAARI community vividly remembers the tragedies and atrocities committed by the North Korean communist government and its agents during the Korean War. 


The Korean community has also never forgotten the aid of the United Nations, principally the United States. Korea would be vastly different without the men and women who rose to defend Korea in its time of need.


Koreans are adamant about remembering their heroes, especially the American heroes, and demonstrate as such every Memorial Day and Veteran's day without fail.  


The painful memories of the Korean War are rekindled as we look upon Ukraine, desperately awaiting sustained emergency assistance to defend against Russia's act of unnecessary war.


The KAARI fully supports the immediate imposition of strong, robust, and effective sanctions on Russia. We stand with the people of Ukraine and NATO allies and partners most threatened by Russian aggression. 

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