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KAARI participated in the 63rd anniversary of the Korean War Ceasefire at the Korean War Monument in Providence on July 27. President Bongsup Cho gave a brief speech. This monument was built on October 8, 1998, for the Rhode Island Korean War veterans who died in the Korean War.  The names of the individuals and organizations that sponsored the monument are engraved on the bricks. A boardwalk was made out of engraved bricks around the soldier sculpture. The white bricks symbolize the veterans of the Rhode Islands who died or disappeared during the Korean War, and the red bricks bear the names of individuals or organizations that sponsored the monument.


KAARI actively participated in the fundraising to support the monument in 2008 and met two veterans Ted Low and Lew Weinstein, who ran the Monument Committee, to deliver $2,400. KAARI donated two red bricks with the name of our organization (KOREAN AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF RI IN DEEP APPRECIATION "YOU SAVED OUR COUNTRY") (pictured below). Also, we helped launch a great website.  


At the invitation of RI State House Veterans Affairs Committee Chair Jan Malik, KAARI President Bongsup Cho participated in the event and gave a brief speech. After the event, lunch was provided at the RI State House, hosted by the VA office.


The event was broadcast live on channel 1013, and the Capitol TV video can be seen at the link below.






Mel Hill (Korean War Veterans Association of RI Chapter 2 Commander)






RI House Representative Jan Malik (Chair, Veterans Affair Committee)





KAARI president Bongsub Cho


Ted Martins (Chapter 1 Commander), RI House Representative Jan Malik, Richard St Louis (Chapter 3 Commander), Mel Hill (Chapter 2 Commander)













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