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Hi everybody,


This year’s July 4th Parade in Bristol RI marks the 231st anniversary of American Independence. The Bristol Parade, which is arguable the oldest Independence Day parade in the United States, draws people from all over the nation and is broadcasted live on TV.


Every year, the members of the Korean American Association of Rhode Island (KAARI) and the Korean War Veterans of Rhode Island participate in this event and parade together shoulder to shoulder to display our friendship and a close alliance of the two communities. As you see from the pictures below, KAARI members wear colorful traditional Korean dresses called ‘Hanbok’ and carry a large American flag while marching along with the Korean War Veterans.


This past Memorial Day, the two communities gathered at the Korean War Memorial in Exeter Veterans Memorial Cemetery to remember the fallen soldiers from the Korean War. Many of the surviving Korean War veterans are in their 80s, and so we hope to continue this wonderful parade tradition for at least several more years.


We need your help. July 4th is fast approaching. We are looking for 12 women volunteers who can parade with the Korean War veterans in the Bristol parade. We welcome any 2nd generations of ages between 16-40, especially those in high school and college. The 2nd picture below is the Providence Journal (July 5th, 2012) that features our own Mirin Ji and other Korean Americans in RI. 




This is an excellent opportunity for your children or grandchildren to be a proud Korean American and mingle with the greatest generation of our time, the Korean War veterans. I sincerely hope you can volunteer for this excellent opportunity to show your respect and sincerest thanks to the Korean War veterans and be a part of the proud Korean American Community of Rhode Island.


Thank you so much.


KAARI Management team




Providence Journal Front Page scan July 5th 2012.jpg

Providence Journal July 5th 2012 Front Page