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Korea media YTN prepared this video featuring our recent events with Chapter 2 veterans. 




As mentioned in recent KAARI posts, Chapter 2 Korean War Veteran Association (KWVA) of Rhode Island had a joint Memorial Day commemoration on May 31 as their last 'official' activity as a group. Many of these veterans are in their 90's.
Over the years, the Korean American Association of Rhode Island (KAARI)  and the Chapter 2 veterans have maintained great friendship and collaborations through various joint activities.

On June 18, the current KWVA commander William Kennedy and Treasurer Ed Ruzzano, and Mrs. Joyce Kennedy came to the KAARI Culture Center.  They talked about when they first were organized back in 1992; they decided in their bylaws that the remaining funds and assets would be bestowed upon KAARI whenever the association dissolves.  They were pleased to deliver a check of $9,800.07.

The small ceremony was attended by President Wonkyung Cho, Treasurer Suzanne Sharkey, Board Member Sangwook Ji, Board Chairman Raymond Kim, and Culture Committee Chair Angela Sharkey.

KAARI treated the 3 KWVA guests to lunch. There, we found out more about their activities, like a scholarship they used to fund. We talked about maintaining the Exeter Korean Memorial and taking over the Memorial and Veteran's day ceremonies, which means buying the wreaths for both events.



From left: KAARI Board member Sangwook Ji, Joyce Kennedy, Veteran Ed Ruzzano, KAARI Presodent Wonkyung Cho, Commander Bill Kennedy, KAARI Board Chair Raymond Kim, Culture Commiittee Chair Angela Sharkey



From left: Veteran Ed Ruzzano, KAARI Presodent Wonkyung Cho, Commander Bill Kennedy



Veteran Ed Ruzzano, Commander Bill Kennedy



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