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2020.06.09 15:13

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The Korean American Association of Rhode Island (KAARI) was founded in 1975 with the desire to celebrate and share Korean culture and heritage with Rhode Island. 

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The KAARI Culture Committee has recently been awarded a 3-year (2019-2021) Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program (RIEAP) grant.* 




This grant offers funding and organizational assistance to community-based, culturally diverse arts and cultural organizations.

With help of the RIEAP grant we are pleased to offer classes on traditional Korean music, dance and calligraphy. 


WHEN: 10 Weekly sessions starting April 1

PLACE: the KAARI Culture Center, 1140 Park Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910 (Street parking available)

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Instructor Profile:  


Junghee Oh                                     Angela Sharkey                           Chulsoo Oh

Angela Sharkey studied Korean Folk Arts that emphasizes traditional dance, instruments, and music in Seoul Korea. She continued her folk art education through the designated “Human Treasures” Program of Korea Folk Culture Institute. Sharkey established the Hibiscus Korean Cultural Group to promote Korean folk dance and its heritage to next generations. Currently, Sharkey is an KAARI board member and chairs the Culture Committee.


Jung-Hee Oh is a Korean traditional music artist of Gayageum-Byeongchang and Pansori. She is recognized under the Korean Government’s Ministry of Culture as a “holder” (yi-su-ja) of Intangible Cultural Property No. 23: Gayageum-Sanjo and Gayageum-Byeongchang (solo zither performance with song), having studied with Sooksun An, a living national treasure of Pansori and Gayageum. Oh has performed at Lincoln Center (2013), Harvard University Outreach (2015), Asia Society New Your Sanjo Festival as well as Brown/RISD Korean Culture Show (2015). Currently, Oh is an KAARI board member


Chulsoo Oh has practiced Korean Calligraphy since 2005 when he was initiated at Baeksan Calligraphy Center.  Oh studied Korean Calligraphy with Master Dongsup Oh.  His calligraphy work has been selected/awarded at several Koran National Calligraphy Competition.  Oh is a retired professor from  Kyungbuk National University Korea and immigrated to RI in 2016.


See below for our class flyer appeared in Providence Journal, Cranston Herald, and Warwick Beacon as well as Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program April 2019 Newsletter.


Providence Journal March 24, 2019


Cranston Herald March 28, 2019

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Warwick Beacon March 28, 2019

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Rhode Island Expansion Arts Program April 2019 Newsletter.

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