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President Eun Mee Kim of Ewha University visited our Korean American Association of Rhode Island building, 1140 Park Avenue, Cranston, RI, on Friday, September 23rd. President Kim wanted to view our 'Lulu Frey' exhibit at the KAARI building and thank our efforts to preserve them.


Last year, Tucker Houle of North Kingstown donated some historical photos, books, dolls, etc. inherited from his mother's great aunt Lulu E. Frey (1868-1921), who was the 4th Principal of Ewha Girls School (이화 학당), the precursor of Ewha University in Seoul. As a missionary and pioneer educator, Frey fervently advocated for the education of Korean women (1907-1921) and exposed abuses by Japanese occupation forces. Frey helped recover the corpse of the young Korean Independence Movement leader Yu Gwan-Sun (유관순), who died young at the hands of the Japanese military (1920). Yu's life is often compared to the French heroine Joan of Arc.  


President Kim was greeted by KAARI President Sangwook Ji, Building Committee Chair Bongsup Cho, Culture Committee Chair Angela Sharkey, Communication Director Raymond Kim, and an Ewha Alum Kilza Lee.


Lulu 3.jpg

From Left: Angela Sharkey,  Bongsup Cho, President Eun Mee Kim, Kilza Lee, Raymond Kim, Sangwook Ji


Lulu 2.jpg

'Lulu Frey' Exhibit


Lulu 1.jpg

Tucker Houle, Bongsup Cho


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