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Sunday, August 14th, 2022, at 4-7 pm


Please register at:


Eventbrite: soundsofkorea.eventbrite.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KAARhodeIsland



The Korean American Association of Rhode Island (KAARI) is planning an event on August 14th to celebrate Korean Independence Day titled "Sounds of Korea: Traditional Music and Dance from Rhode Island."


Mark your calendar for this wonderful KAARI event and join us to celebrate Korean Arts, Music, Culture, and Heritage.   


Please get in touch with us (info@rikorean.org) if you want to support our event. We love to recognize your sponsorship in our program brochure.  






We look forward to seeing you on August 14th!


Thank you so much.


Prep Volunteer, Event Volunteer: If you would like to be a volunteer, please get in touch with the Volunteer Coordinator Suzanne Sharkey at info@rikorean.org


Volunteer Perks: letter of appreciation, recognition in our event pamphlet, dinner, and t-shirt. 


Volunteer Meet: Please come to the Volunteer Dinner on Sunday, August 7th, 2022, at 6 pm, at the Korean Association Building (1140 Park Avenue)


Please direct all event-related inquiries, including sponsorship, to info@rikorean.org






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