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Please check our KAARI's first cooking videos!   We invited the Chief Chef Andrew Park of 'Bapsang' restaurant to help create the videos of making popular Korean dishes, 'Japchae' and 'Bibimbop."   These cooking shows were hosted and directed by our KAARI Culture Committee members Angela Sharkey and Sangwook Ji.  


RI Expansion Art Program (RIEAP) supported this KAARI cooking project.


Andrew Park Bio:
Chef Andrew Park has over 24 years of culinary experience working with diverse cuisine types, including Korean, Japanese, and French. He has a passion for developing innovative recipes with close attention to detail that enhances their quality. Andrew is a Culinary Arts graduate of Johnston & Wales University. He has been an executive chef at several Korean restaurants and hotels such as Hyatt and Westin.  Andrew is the owner of 'Bapsang' Korean Restaurant, 6170 Post Rd, North Kingstown, RI 02852



Bibimbop - Rice mixed with vegetables and variety of toppings

'Bibim' means 'mixed' and 'bop' means 'boiled rice,' so 'Bibimbap' literally means 'mixed boiled rice.'  It would be best if you mixed everything before eating.
Japchae- Variety of vegetables with sweet potato noodle
Jap' means 'variety' and 'chae' means 'vegetables,' so 'Jabchae' literally means 'variety of vegetables.'



















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