:: KAARI - Korean-American Association of Rhode Island ::

A small group of RI Chapter 2 Korean War veterans held a ceremony at Exeter Korean Memorial on November 11th.   The tradition started with three-person color guards. Veteran Henry DeGraide and our KAARI President-elect Sangwook Ji laid a wreath and saluted at the memorial.  The ceremony ended with a brief remark by Chapter 2 Commander Willam Kennedy.   


After the ceremony, KAARI President Lau invited all the veterans to her Cathay Garden restaurant for lunch.  Chapter 3 Commander Richard St. Louis and his team joined for lunch as well.


Thank you, veterans, for your services!



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Sanwook Ji, Henry DeGraide, William Kennedy, Mell Hill, Ed Ruzzano, Gus Pagel, Cyril Geary, Bongsup Cho

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Veteran Mel Hill, Bongsup Cho

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Sangwook Ji, Veteran Henry DeGraide

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Mel Hill

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