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2016 4th of July Bristol Parade

2020.06.09 14:32

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KAARI attended the Bristol parade with Korean War veterans every year to celebrate the independence of the United States. This parade started in 1785. It is the 231st oldest traditional and historical event this year, with many people from all over the country attending and celebrating the independence of the United States.


31 KAARI members and 8 Korean War veterans have participated in this year's parade. KAARI president Bongsup Cho and KAARI board chair William Park led the group with the "Korean War Veteran" banner, Jongwon Yoon, Garod Paul, followed with a KAARI banner, and three Korean War veterans as the color guard. Next, 14 KAARI women with finely dressed in Korean custom Hanbok marched with a large United States flag. The elderly veterans and the rest of the Koreans rode on the trailer and waved the stars and stripes flag, and finally, the elderly veterans followed on the Ven. As we passed by, many people stood up and clapping, regardless of age or gender, and exclaimed, 'Thank you for your service' to veterans.


After the event, the Koreans and KW veterans gathered at the Country Inn restaurant in Warren for a nice lunch.  


A list of participants

Wonkyung Cho, Mikyung Seo, Monica Lee, Kyunghee Han, Angela Sharkey, Yemo Yang, Sun Kang, Meeyeun Cho, Jeongin Choi, Lisa Park, Okjin Baek, Myungsook Lee, Joaggeun Jeon, Sngwook Ji, Bongsup Cho, William Park, Jaehun Jung, Richard Litterio, Benedetto Cerilli


2nd Generation: Mirim Ji, Joonhee Jung, Hyewon Yoon, Yeeun Jang, Eunji Jang, Hyewon Joo, Sungmin Ji, Jongwon Yoon, Garod Paul, Ezra Monteiro, Christina Cho (Photographer)


Korean War veterans: Alfred "Gus" Pagel, Harry Manning, Ed Ruzzano, Bill Kennedy, Tom Dailey, Joe Meunier, Mel Robe, Ed Belbin, Cy Geary


Color Guard: Bill Kennedy, Alfred "Gus" Pagel, Ed Ruzzano


After the parade, everyone gathered to take a commemorative photo. Top row: Tom Dailey, Ed Ruzzano, Alfred “Gus” Pagel, Harry Manning.  2nd row; Cy Geary, Garod Paul, John Jeon, SeungIn Ji, Ed Belbin.  3rd row: Joe Meunier, Chong-Won Yoon, Sangwook Ji, William Park, Lisa Park.  4th row: Mel Robe, Bongsup Cho, Richard Litterio, Ezra Monteiro, Angela Sharkey, Jaehoon Chung,  Benedetto Cerilli, Mikyung Seo. 5th row: Jungin Choi, (white shirt), Won-Kyung Cho, Yewon Yoon, Monica Lee, Hewon Choo, Joonhee Chung, Yeaun Jang. Bottom row: Myungsook Lee, Okchin Litterio, Sungun Chung, Mirim Ji, Yeamo Yang, Sun Kang, Meeyeun Cho




Richard Litterio, Bongsup Cho, Hqrry Manning


Mel Robe




Joe Meunier 




Mel Robe




Tom Dailey














From Left: Alfred “Gus” Pagel, Harry Manning, Ed Ruzzano, Bill Kennedy, Tom Dailey, Joe Meunier, Mel Robe, Ed Belbin, John Jeon, Cy Geary.






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